Fishtank George


Image of Fishtank George

Late 2015 I decided to work and practice a bit more realistic and figurative approach to my art because I wanted to test my capabilities.

George was my second pure pencil drawing with an attempted depiction of an object, in this case being my own shoe which I placed on my table after finishing the characters.

The need to go in this direction stemmed from being deeply impressed by various works of other artists. They all had two things in common, very rich detail and the works depicted realistic elements contra most of my own work.

The piece is printed on 170 g/m2 matte paper, signed and carefully custom packed.

Comes in 3 sizes: A5, A4 & A3

Original artwork is also available.
It's drawn on A4 sized brilliant white 220 g/m2 textured conqueror paper.

Comes with a certificate of Authenticity


Image of Fishtank George Image of Fishtank George