The Work

A Custom Horror piece today, is expressive contemporary art most often based on the moment, the feelings and the current mood. The art is a reflection of a lifetime of unconscious inspiration and an ongoing creative practice. A universe of happy, dark, nonsensical and sometimes grotesque intuitions and thoughts. The work doesn't intend to deliver a specific message consciously, it is merely a reflection of a state of mind in the moment. It is open to interpretation and the body of work is slowly but surely morphing into something new. A reflection of a mind and creative practise in constant flux with time. A mind that has a tendency to question the norms, traditions and customs. 

The Name

Custom Horror is a spin on Horror. A personal version of Horror. It is Custom, as in, customised. Therefore the Horror does not need to adhere to any standard or preconception of what Horror is. A very open ended dogma allowing much freedom in expression and style. Custom Horror in this minds eye is the embrace of ugly, none perfection and effortlessness. With embrace, Horror turns into beauty or even love.  As opposed to trying too hard, striving for perfection or adhering to norms and thus loosing essence of self. 

Custom Horror also reflects the fear and questioning of the status quo of Customs. As in etiquette, traditions and values of the masses. A personal reflection or lifelong distancing and even need for provocation of the standard etiquette.

Custom like in customised and tailored. Not for you specifically, not for the artist specifically. For everyone and maybe for no-one. The art becomes what it is to the perceiver as it is looked upon and consumed, this is when meaning emerges. The combination of unique mind and the piece of art. A one of a kind symbiosis.  A custom tailored experience only fathomable by the perceiver. 

Birth of Custom Horror

My brand and alter ego Custom Horror was created in the aftermath of the global financial crisis around 2008. I was running a business as a freelance graphics designer & web developer as the crisis hit, I didn’t adjust to the situation and lost a few clients and had trouble attracting new ones. 

I went through some soul-searching and remembered this quote I had read somewhere, it sounded something like this: “
You are already doing what you love, figure out a way to make that your livelihood”. Art was the obvious answer. I started out branding myself as the guy drawing monsters, and here I am calling myself Custom Horror many years later.

For me, life is about trying to have as much fun as possible without breaking my good spirit. Because, as we all know, life has plenty of hardships and challenges. Finding your own path in the clutter of, well meant advice, isn't always easy. It just so happens, art has been a source of good fun for me since I was a little kid. But not only has it been fun, it has also proven extremely healthy for my well being and identity in connection to society.