Gates to Intuition #1 A3+ Limited Edition 100

Gates to Intuition #1 A3+ Limited Edition 100

Gallery quality Giclée print.

Printed on A3+ (13 x 19 inches)
Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl 285 gsm paper.
Limited Edition of 100 prints.
Signed & Numbered.

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.
Ships flat in a cardboard envelope.

Printed with
Canon ImagePROGRAF Pro 1000
Original Canon Inks

Digitally drawn with a pen on an Ipad Pro.

This digital painting is the purest and strongest personal experience of a pure momentary depiction of thoughts, stories and feelings experienced I’ve done to date. I had an extreme connection to the canvas while creating this and was sucked in while letting any thoughts or feelings loose on the canvas, without much worry about where I was heading and with extremely little criticism of how things should look. Yet I experienced my feelings were depicted quite correctly.

The piece was an experiment of creating a piece while affected by a hallucinogenic drug. I remember I feared the piece would lose it’s emotional and creative value to me when the hallucinogenic drug would wear off, but to the contrary, I have brought with me a deeper connection to intuition which I put into effect in the second piece in this series. Check out the Gates to Intuition #2 which was created unaffectedly by a hallucinogenic but with an attempt to revisit the state of mind I was in while creating this first piece.